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Diversity and Inclusion


At Amero Global Investors, we encourage a work culture that values the contributions of all employees, enabling an environment where individuals excel by contributing in inclusive, collaborative teams.

Diversity: The traits and characteristics that make people unique, such as age, gender, ability, culture, nationality, personality, education, and ethnicity.

Inclusion: Cultivating an environment where behaviors and social norms ensure people feel welcome and respected, and are provided equitable access to resources and opportunities.

Diversity and Inclusion (D&I): The steps toward creating a company culture with an inclusive, productive, and aspiring workforce, which values and appreciates every employee and enables them to express their ideas toward common goals. 

Diversity and inclusion practices ensure a better company with better performance. Embedding inclusive practices leads to a variety of different perspectives, increased creativity, a higher degree of innovation, faster problem solving, better decision making, increased profits, stronger employee engagement, better company reputation, and improved hiring results. Studies have also shown strong correlations between higher-than-average diversity and higher-than-average profits.

How Does Amero Global Investors promote Diversity and Inclusion? D&I is integral to the way we operate. We are committed to attracting and developing diverse talent, seeing individual differences as an opportunity for innovation and growth. We cultivate an environment where professionalism, respect and social norms of decency are welcomed, and employees are provided equitable access to resources and opportunities. No discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment nor retaliation is tolerated by any person regardless of position. Based on the seriousness of an offense, discipline may include verbal or written reprimand, suspension or immediate termination of employment. With a clear vision for our future, our goal is to become a global role model for D&I; by fostering inclusive environments and deploying initiatives that empower our people.