Amero Global Investors, LLC

Competence, Performance, Integrity


“Fail to identify the strategic risks and you fail as a business, no matter how well you manage your operational and project risks.”

Keith Baxter

"Success in the increasingly smaller world requires increasingly larger vision...that we be nimble, patient and extraordinary."

Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy is predicated on our three founding principles above and exploiting market opportunities with our competitive advantage and sense of purpose where others may not possess the vision nor the courage.

We strive to deliver superior risk adjusted returns to investors through trusted relationships, high levels of customer service and a focus on environmental sustainability.


We believe that a diverse workforce and backgrounds facilitate open exchange of ideas and superior results.


  • The hallmark of our philosophy is the "straight-forward", top-down bottom-up investment process -- a combination of leading:
    • Top-down research and portfolio management
    • Bottom-up expertise in asset and partner selection, asset management, investment sales and financing
    • Sustainability that is integral to preserving the environment and conserving energy while enhancing investor value
  • All directed toward the goal of producing optimal risk adjusted returns
  • This blend produces a consistent, practical approach to real estate investing.
  • We utilize a risk framework built-up through our average of more than 25 years of experience
  • Our "straight-forward" investment process reflects that complex formulas and equations often pose significant complications and unknown modeling risk.
  • A properly executed value-added strategy has diversification as a cornerstone
  • We subscribe to traditional diversification, true risk underwriting and pragmatic risk control.
  • Relationships and people are key strengths.