Amero Global Investors, LLC

Competence, Performance, Integrity


"New business ecosystems derive success more from partnership, collaboration and cooperation than from head-to-head competition."

James F. Moore

"Love makes money...long term relationships based on caring for others and doing good - makes everyone wealthy."

John Hope Bryant

Competitive Advantage

Our competitive advantages are numerous:
- Essential risk management framework based on years of multi-dimensional portfolio management execution
Relationships providing sourcing of compelling deal flow and pricing of quality assets below replacement cost from highly motivated sellers, special servicing groups, fund manager legacy portfolios, FDIC, etc.
Senior management has successfully invested and managed billions of institutional capital across all sectors
- Board of Advisors provides daily access to most respected, credible and accomplished execution guidance in the industry
- Emerging manager agility, nimbleness and outperformance, combined with a collective track record of proven institutional execution
Our strategic vision and contrarian approach enable us to anticipate market inflection points and nimbly seize opportunities
Without distraction of legacy assets, we are well positioned to seize the best opportunities in a market that history will record as a monumental cycle of our lifetime, at pricing likely never to be seen again in our lifetime
- Direct relationships with operators, banks and professionals that we have worked with over the years that have national reach and local presence.
Due to the over leverage of large financial institutions, over-exposure to derivatives and the resulting shakeout and consolidation, our institutional expertise and relationships position our investors exceptionally well to share in the billions of dollars of new wealth creation.
Our network of global strategic partners enable us to source compelling investment opportunities to investors globally who benefit from high quality properties through both a devalued U.S. dollar and devalued hard assets
As the denominator effect continues to unwind and institutional investors move from the sidelines to reallocate capital to this strategic asset class, investors will benefit from the integrity, experience, execution, relationships and nimbleness of our emerging manager platform with greater comfort than with investment managers who over-promised and under-delivered.
Insight from an average of over 25 years of real estate investment experience by seasoned, full cycle-tested professionals
Access to leading research, risk-based portfolio construction, straight-forward, investment process and creative value-added asset management
Access to niche investment opportunities of the size, type and sourcing through our network of relationships, not typically available to larger institutional investors
In addition to major markets, we access urban, selective secondary markets and mixed use investments with excellent demographics, solid demand factors and supply constraints
Alignment with investor interests through fund structure and co-investment
Access to high caliber investments without distraction or drag of legacy assets
Preference for green development, LEED and Energy Star certified facilities and retrofitting, providing for environmental  consciousness and energy conservation as well as higher marketability and economic life
Our nuclear process is nimble for quick effective implementation and allows us to structure deals with JV partners and operators possessing areas of specialized expertise to turnkey tailored strategies for investors
- Our entrepreneurial culture attracts and retains motivated investment professionals.
Experience in implementing business continuity and risk management functions procedures provide operational advantage, risk control and flexibility
We will be well-capitalized with the financial clout of longer established firms
True transparency and disclosure are our hallmarks