Amero Global Investors, LLC

Competence, Performance, Integrity


“The investment 

process is a

creative process.

The better investors

are those people who 

allow themselves a

degree of lateral thinking, thinking outside the box, thinking creatively."

Michael Nock

Investment Process


Our top-down bottom-up investment process is based on decades of real estate investment management, risk management, portfolio management and research.


Years of work with top performing investment processes and investment advisors led to synthesis of our imperative investment decision making process that reflects what investment management for institutional investors is all about -- sound strategy, strategic adherence and management of risks. We accomplish this with emphasis on sustainability as a mechanism to enhance returns while being stewards of the environment.


By adhering to strategy, risk process and investment guidelines, the likelihood of our accomplishing portfolio objectives, thus our institutional investors accomplishing their long term investment objectives is greatly enhanced.

We seek superior returns through a process that identifies and mitigates risk to insulate downside potential. Portfolio construction and decision making at each stage are designed and executed to produce superior portfolio level risk-returns.


Our investment process is predicated on what we know to be long term drivers of risk-adjusted portfolio performance. Our investment process utilizes top-down macroeconomic research from leading producers to ensure that investment decisions regarding these drivers are made in the order of their relevant impact on risk-adjusted portfolio performance.


Given our quantitative and analytical skills, we appreciate that no substitute exists for high quality judgement and application of risk focused investment decision making. This prevents the types of weak risk controls that led to our recent financial crisis in the first place, despite the advent of the most complex risk analytics and advanced investment models of all time.